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Even knowing the basics will help you to have conversations with your doctor that allow you to map out your treatment course – and, ultimately, make decisions that are the best for you.

For your convenience, all of the materials below may be downloaded for your use. Click on the any of the icons to view the documents in their entirety in PDF format.

Information Booklet and Brochure

The comprehensive Understanding Your Surgical Options for Lung Cancer booklet and companion brochure include information for you and your family such as an overview of lung cancer, treatment options and other helpful resources, including detailed illustrations and frequently asked questions.

  • Information Booklet for Patients
  • Information Brochure for Patients

Frequently Asked Questions

Discussing your treatment options with your physicians and family is an important first step for those recently diagnosed with lung cancer. This Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) tips sheet includes 10 essential questions for those considering their treatment options for lung cancer. These FAQs include:

  • How would a doctor determine if I have lung cancer?
  • How does my doctor determine my prognosis (or survival rate)?
  • What are my lung cancer treatment options?

Surgical Checklist

If you and your doctors have decided that VATS is the right treatment for you, please use this guide to help prepare for your surgical procedure. Keep in mind that surgery involves many considerations before, during and after your procedure.Use this checklist to help you and your family through the process.


Meet Katie, a patient who recently underwent VATS treatment for lung cancer as she talks about her condition, her decision to have surgery and how she’s doing now. Also, watch her doctor, thoracic surgeon Michael Mulligan M.D. from the University of Washington, who talks about lung cancer and treatment options including VATS surgery.

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